Math Class

Oak tree with an owl hole and stars

Halfway listening, halfway daydreaming

Drawing hearts

Eyes swirling, roses, circles and birds

Always thick because I go over and over…


And Pokemon, especially Gengar

Mutant flowers that bite off your finger

Stars, eyes and butterflies

Hedgehogs with lines for eyes

Cows, horses and baboons

Rainbows and unicorns

Sometimes landscapes with trees and mountains

With ice at the peak

Or a big crescent wave, an island

Just a single palm tree

FACES FACES FACES, silhouette of people

Pointy shapes like triangles, chaotic scribbles

Chibis, pretty soldier Sailor Moon

Or an Eiserne Jungfrau maid of  iron

Straight lines, squiggles and curvy shapes


From the corner of my page



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