Shut the **** Up

You’re a troll.  Trolls like trolls

You can’t resist my bait


Besides, that’s so 4th grade

So you believe everyone with

A different opinion is stupid?

Please read and comprehend

What you read before posting

A chasm between people

“No you can’t, yes I can, no you can’t”

After writing such a hate/rage

Paragraph like that

You start a ranting tangent

About stuff no one cares about

Look at you denying facts

So adorable…

I like people who like to talk

But have nothing to say

I could argue with you all day long

And neither of us would change

You’re passionate about speaking

Out against my speaking out

In a single conversation

Resolving flame wars is difficult

I’m here to prove you’re irrational

And spurting fallacies

You have terrible sentence structure

You type so clumsily

Perceptions of unfairness

Seemingly trivial differences?

Go on boards just to start shit

Pick apart my sentences

The reason you just proved

Makes no **** sense

If you’re not a troll

You’re probably underage

Now you’re inventing emotions

You’re upset but you say, “haha”

I’m not even sure

Why you’re lashing out

uh…what?  That upsets you?

You’re the one who said I was upset

It’s kinda hard to get mad

At a screen of text

You clearly just don’t get it

A misunderstanding?

You see there was a smiley face

Signifies no hard feelings

I don’t have time for conflict

Where did it all go wrong?

But jeez, you’re touchy today

I guess that’s also my fault!


Save me from Tomorrow

It serves as my alarm clock

It gives me the morning news

It reminds me of important tasks

Transfer money, paying bills

It’s easier than carrying a ton of stuff

Like a calendar or music player

I use my smartphone for nearly everything

For work and for leisure

Yes, it’s good for sheer convenience

Text messaging/email on the go

It’s nice to be able to browse the net

Speak to people when I’ve nothing to do

From my phone I can talk to you

On msn or aim

Often on my Samsung Star

I prefer just playing games

Picked a really cool ring tone

A 16- bit rendition

Battle Theme from FFVII

Taken from Newgrounds FF7

Once it died in my hand

Would not switch on, charge up, nothing

Three days no videos or Facebook

No alarm clock for mornings

Couldn’t contact anyone

Everyone’s number was in my phone

Could not keep in touch with family

When I was not home

Living in today’s society

A phone means everything to me

A source of entertainment

My schedule for the day

Hours and hours of phone calls

Thousands of messages a month

I think it’s better to call someone

Than to talk on msn

I have all my songs in it

Listen to music whenever I want

To stay connected, or mainly

Access to Facebook

The cell phone is a basic pillar

Of modern life

There’s just soooo much you can put on it

Now to pass the time

It’s become like a friend

It’s so convenient and awesome

Google satellite maps

Is cool when you’re just walkin’

Taking pictures of weird things

That interest me

Apps that allow you to download books

Such a useful thing

I use all the features

More than the phone itself

Without a cell (I can’t imagine)

Life can be pretty dull

Texting is cool when

I don’t feel like being social

Listening to music, playing games

(All I’m doing on my mobile)

Almost makes us dumber

liktxtin u no?

Useless calls annoy me

Fortunately, I don’t get those anymore


The Real World Awaits You

A game is as real as a dream

They both exist in some way

Shoot someone or be shot

The real world will not change

Offline you’re not a Space Marine

Or a Medieval Hero


IRL: The ultimate MMO!

RL has no reset button

And it’s visibly less exciting

The Internets real, but it’s not life

Outside that worlds confines

You can’t log off in real life

There’s no DEL button offline

If you only wish to believe the real

Then the other is a lie

When it happens in a digital land

Where developers can play God

Does sleep count? Is that the same?

As going into sleep mode?

Online Gameaholics

Keyboard Warrior

Expressing yourself in a simple status

On FB isn’t wrong

Life is like a game

It might not be fun all the time

Up against a simulation

Mimicking his playstyle

Also it may be meaningless

But it’s something to do

Announce your hatred for a character

His feelings won’t be hurt!


Mary Jane Lane

Should Mary Jane be legal?

Do you smoke it? Why? Why not?

The real problem with weed

It can lead to harder drugs

Affects your mood and health

And also your perspective

Addiction ruins lives

And social interaction

It is mind-altering

Some need it just to sleep

Also when they wake

And just before they eat

Friendly, mellow stoner

Can’t find any wrong

But your brain is your brain

You can’t get a new one

I hate the term, “Addictive

Personality,” but it’s true

It’s about not letting

The high get the best of you

A drug-induced psychosis

Or a functioning drug user

My friend can no longer

Talk sensibly, not ever

In a semi-useless state

Got baked before shopping

So I wanna say

Being illegal isn’t working

And you thought your pot

Was laced with LSD?

You just got REALLY stoned

Dude, you’re killing me!

It’s a moral choice

And you know the risks

The bad legal drugs

Are alcohol and cigs

Advocates say it’s harmless

…hard drugs I understand

They can kill you outright

Or cause mental health problems

Out of all of them

It’s the least damaging

But possessing  small amounts

Gets you legally branded

People who want to celebrate

In a different way

Should not have to resort

To criminal activity

Driving under the influence

Of anything more than mild

Habit-forming intoxicants

Why drive high?  It’s retarded

I don’t begrudge people

Who toke up now and then

Decriminalizing use

And mild possession

Don’t shift responsibility

Away from the person

By blaming the drugs


Deep End

Empty inside.  You’re not alone

Wha…? O.o. No fault of your own

Behind fake emotions, masquerade mask

It’s your brain that just needs to defrag

Shades of grey.  Hard to explain

Needing a spyware scan again

Can’t concentrate.  Can’t think.  Wazup?

No time for WoW.  Ah, that suxs

You’re the master of your own head

❤ you buddy.  Tough luck man

How sad…sad face… 😦  Needs a life

Yup…yup.  It’s all about the vibe

Routine’s a killer.  Don’t feel trapped

Or give yourself brain damage

Drive out pointless anxiety

And disturbing states.  AHVIOUSLAH.

New ways of being and seeing

Question the status quo

Bland existence or sunny smile

A social life?  I dunno

Take my hand and grab it

Come out of the dark corner

…as you catch your breath thinking

Everything’s wonder beautiful!

How long is forever?

Only distant fragments you can recall

Swimming in an empty ocean of stars

Tough choice really, can’t decide

In a race with no finish line

They say it’s all about gameplay

But most of you would go insane

Stuck in a neverending level

Overcoming mankind’s oldest struggle

Face the fear of nonexistence someday

Or be just a ‘constant’ of energy

Forgetting the things most dear to you

Just wannabe Orochimarus 

In the long run it might be a curse

A millenium or after a million years

To do everything I could ever want

Eventually, would I have to turn it off?

Living 4ever – a fate worse than death

Unless I’m a beautiful Vampire, then, Yes


Viewing the world through the eye of a fly

The path you folllow, where does it lead?

Daring stunt flier, tramp emulator

Or poet with robe and wreath

From depravity to hope in search she goes

Like a perfik rose feeding on air

What passes for a love life in her world

The continuation of an anime

Four repeated wingbeats, she believes in love

Between life an death, no matter what happens

Chaos of experience. What’s that sound?

Flutter…flutter… GirlFriend to – TheUnknown