Hueco Mundo

A bit of light. A creaking board

Something great has got you

A moth? The wind? A ghost? Drink up

Figment of your imagination

An unknown, undiscovered being

It can hurt you.  A dangerous foe?

Could it just be the sunlight

Falling as a long shadow?

Scary not knowing what it wants

That sense of helplessness

Just another irrational fear?

Complete control over us

A sense of dispossession

They are between here and there

You can’t talk to them or see them

But they can see you… and they’re dead

Representing death, unknowable death

Strange and most dramatic

I do believe in the spiritual world

Beyond our understanding

Reflection off a candle holder

Struggles of the human soul

Camera faux pas or an actual entity?

Anything’s possible

At this time in our evolution

Unexplained phenomena abound

More amplified states of being

Playing themselves out

We’re anxious but we’re not afraid

To think outside ourselves

Absence of proof, not proof of absence

Higher dimensions and other realms

Disrupting aura, small light/orb

A major solar flare

Not knowing their true intentions

Creates a jumpy atmosphere

I’m a firm believer

In spirits and in ghosts

Create the positive vibe

Avoid a scary scenario

Protect us from the negative

Events that could occur

Pendulum that swings against

The alignment of the earth