Shut the **** Up

You’re a troll.  Trolls like trolls

You can’t resist my bait


Besides, that’s so 4th grade

So you believe everyone with

A different opinion is stupid?

Please read and comprehend

What you read before posting

A chasm between people

“No you can’t, yes I can, no you can’t”

After writing such a hate/rage

Paragraph like that

You start a ranting tangent

About stuff no one cares about

Look at you denying facts

So adorable…

I like people who like to talk

But have nothing to say

I could argue with you all day long

And neither of us would change

You’re passionate about speaking

Out against my speaking out

In a single conversation

Resolving flame wars is difficult

I’m here to prove you’re irrational

And spurting fallacies

You have terrible sentence structure

You type so clumsily

Perceptions of unfairness

Seemingly trivial differences?

Go on boards just to start shit

Pick apart my sentences

The reason you just proved

Makes no **** sense

If you’re not a troll

You’re probably underage

Now you’re inventing emotions

You’re upset but you say, “haha”

I’m not even sure

Why you’re lashing out

uh…what?  That upsets you?

You’re the one who said I was upset

It’s kinda hard to get mad

At a screen of text

You clearly just don’t get it

A misunderstanding?

You see there was a smiley face

Signifies no hard feelings

I don’t have time for conflict

Where did it all go wrong?

But jeez, you’re touchy today

I guess that’s also my fault!