The Real World Awaits You

A game is as real as a dream

They both exist in some way

Shoot someone or be shot

The real world will not change

Offline you’re not a Space Marine

Or a Medieval Hero


IRL: The ultimate MMO!

RL has no reset button

And it’s visibly less exciting

The Internets real, but it’s not life

Outside that worlds confines

You can’t log off in real life

There’s no DEL button offline

If you only wish to believe the real

Then the other is a lie

When it happens in a digital land

Where developers can play God

Does sleep count? Is that the same?

As going into sleep mode?

Online Gameaholics

Keyboard Warrior

Expressing yourself in a simple status

On FB isn’t wrong

Life is like a game

It might not be fun all the time

Up against a simulation

Mimicking his playstyle

Also it may be meaningless

But it’s something to do

Announce your hatred for a character

His feelings won’t be hurt!