Save me from Tomorrow

It serves as my alarm clock

It gives me the morning news

It reminds me of important tasks

Transfer money, paying bills

It’s easier than carrying a ton of stuff

Like a calendar or music player

I use my smartphone for nearly everything

For work and for leisure

Yes, it’s good for sheer convenience

Text messaging/email on the go

It’s nice to be able to browse the net

Speak to people when I’ve nothing to do

From my phone I can talk to you

On msn or aim

Often on my Samsung Star

I prefer just playing games

Picked a really cool ring tone

A 16- bit rendition

Battle Theme from FFVII

Taken from Newgrounds FF7

Once it died in my hand

Would not switch on, charge up, nothing

Three days no videos or Facebook

No alarm clock for mornings

Couldn’t contact anyone

Everyone’s number was in my phone

Could not keep in touch with family

When I was not home

Living in today’s society

A phone means everything to me

A source of entertainment

My schedule for the day

Hours and hours of phone calls

Thousands of messages a month

I think it’s better to call someone

Than to talk on msn

I have all my songs in it

Listen to music whenever I want

To stay connected, or mainly

Access to Facebook

The cell phone is a basic pillar

Of modern life

There’s just soooo much you can put on it

Now to pass the time

It’s become like a friend

It’s so convenient and awesome

Google satellite maps

Is cool when you’re just walkin’

Taking pictures of weird things

That interest me

Apps that allow you to download books

Such a useful thing

I use all the features

More than the phone itself

Without a cell (I can’t imagine)

Life can be pretty dull

Texting is cool when

I don’t feel like being social

Listening to music, playing games

(All I’m doing on my mobile)

Almost makes us dumber

liktxtin u no?

Useless calls annoy me

Fortunately, I don’t get those anymore


Chased by a Bull

Listening to you talk trash

To comment threads and Twitter

Being called a loser

Better a loser than a wiener

You find a random person

While browsing a message board

Online friends, they’re done with you

They let go and move on

Gangs of the cyber world

 Trolls and Jejemon

Are the biggest heroes

Only in their own minds

Blasting my opinion

In an unconstructive way

Things you would not utter

To a person face-to-face

Mean things about my deviantART

But it was anon

Hoping to chase me publicly

Away from my forum

Witness my own words used

To openly mock me

Behind a cowardly veil

Of anonymity

Been banned from the site

In flagrante delicto

For bashing my interests

My appearance, too

Gotten flamed online

For my YouTube videos

Chronically harassing

Just blow off the Trolls

Or to squelch the drama

Ignore it or troll back

Unless a thoughtful critical review

Then just treasure it!